Exploring Light - Lighting design

Salt is a fascinating material. It's not just the fact that no one could imagine food without salt. Salt has also a positive effect on the human's health: It spreads ions in the air and reduces electrosmog at the same time. Halite is the new interpretation of a salt lamp which distinguishes itself from the typical shape of a salt lamp. I abstracted the rough and porous material by transforming it into a geometric, smooth shape. The salt rock - with its delicate structure of black and white salt crystals - originates from the depths of the Northern Alps in Bavaria.
Halite generates a pleasant light effect through the rock and emits bright light through it's hole.

About the project: Over the course of one semester 17 students experimented with Seoul Semiconductors new Acrich LED technology and developed a wide variety of lighting concepts.

Participating students: Benjamin Bonhorst, Christoph Dörr, Christopher Gros, Jie Pu, Julian Lange, Katrin Lehmann, Magdalena Gillitzer, Maika Eichenauer, Manuel Steffan, Pawel Szczyinski, René Walk, Sebastian Wolf, Sophie Erbacher, Teodora Pavlovska, Viktor Reiter, Zac Imhoof and me ​
Professor: Peter Naumann ​
Supported by: Seoul Semiconductor

For more details, you can see the whole design process at: seoul-be-bright.com/contest/