Tacit Knowledge - Designing Physical Communication

In this project I explored the phenomenon tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is defined as knowledge which is captured through our body (like hearing, touching, smelling or see-ing). That means this knowledge has not or cannot be made explicit and is driven by experiences.

Product design also communicates not with words, but through the shape, colors, textures or materials of the product itself. My aim in this project was to convey tacit knowledge by taking advantage of product design. I developed a product that conveys a swimming technique to beginners through its shape and usage. Movements and sports techniques are based on practical experiences and thus on tacit knowledge.

Wavelet is a product that interacts with us. Without mentioning the technique explicitly, it navigates us in our movement, and helps us internalizing it so that we are able to perform it later on without the swimming aid. Product design gives us the opportunity to form and influence tacit knowledge.